La Perona first encounter

On July 23, the first meeting of the residents of the missing district of La Perona took place. Despite the dates in which we found ourselves, 14 people met to get to know each other and to take the road to the monograph of experiences and testimonies that aims to compensate the history of the Ronda de Sant Martín, engulfed as we all know by the bad reputation of a neighborhood that He has forgotten us. Yesterday was how it happened on April 5 when the public presentation of this project was made on a very emotional evening, where the illusion of large children was palpable in the environment. The presence of the parents and grandparents of those present, many already deceased, accompanied us at all times to remember their feats and deeds.

It is unspeakable to sit around a table with a lot of people who you do not know but who perceive among all a bond of union so strong that makes you feel at home, with your relatives or friends. We share with joy our most intimate memories, the pride of being who we are and the emotional satisfaction of being able to honor the first settlers of our disappeared neighborhood. La Perona above is more alive than ever . He has just started a project that is uniting many people. Our Perona that Great Unknown. So we decided among all that the book will be called to welcome us to tell the world that our neighborhood was not what is told.

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