Partial pardon for María Salmerón

“It is not logical that an abuser be free and his victim in jail”

María and her daughter (at the bottom of the image)

The Council of Ministers granted last Friday partial pardon for disobedience to Maria Salmerón, replacing the prison sentence for 40 days of work to the community. He will also have to pay the civil liabilities set forth in the judgment, within the term determined by the sentencing court. Acting Justice Minister, Rafael Catalá said that being “a case of some social relevance” and faced with the imminent entry into prison of the woman, ordered for that same Friday, he received “special urgency to take a decision” in the Council of Ministers. On Thursday, he received the support of the PSOE’s general secretary, Pedro Sánchez, who demanded that the acting government grant him a pardon. But, on the other hand, both the Prosecutor’s Office and the court that condemned her were against the granting of a pardon.

What has been your crime? “Respect the will” of his 15-year-old daughter, who since 12 has refused to see her father at the meeting point stipulated by the judge.

María Salmerón, a 51-year-old Sevillian and nurse by profession, married in 1999 and separated in 2001 because her husband mistreated her. He was sentenced for this to 21 months in prison, but never entered jail. Despite everything, he maintained joint custody and the magistrate determined that the daughter of both, Miriam, had to submit to a regime of visits at a meeting point, which came from 6 years. But at 12, he told his mother that “he did not want to see his father again”. And Maria, although she attended the arranged meetings punctually, respected her daughter’s will and did not force her to enter. His decision has led to several convictions for violating the visitation regime, following the complaints filed by his ex-husband. His lawyer had requested the pardon and he has passed it frankly bad seeing that the appointed day approached to enter in prison without that the pardon arrived.

This pardon is not the end of the grotesque story of a woman again abused, this time for justice. He still has a pending year’s sentence that will not be long in coming. Not only has to face a new threat to go to prison, Maria has had to face “fines millionaire” that pays “as you can” because it also has the payroll seized . “Every blow is detrimental to my health” , continues this woman who recognizes that “fear” of her abuser “is always there” . But, “you can not live every day thinking about death, so you have to keep going, there is no other way” .

Her daughter is outraged and thinks it’s unfair that her mother could end up in jail. In spite of everything, she is very clear and determined not to see her father again.

The most curious thing is that María was awarded by the Government in November of last year for lending her testimony to the collective struggle against abuse.


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