March 21st. World Day of Down Syndrome

In December 2011, the General Assembly designated March 21 World Down Syndrome Day .

With this celebration, the General Assembly wants to raise awareness and remember the inherent dignity, worth and valuable contributions of people with intellectual disabilities as promoters of the well-being and diversity of their communities. He also wants to highlight the importance of his autonomy and individual independence, in particular the freedom to make his own decisions. It is vital that parents stimulate their children and promote their abilities that are many

The theme of 2016 is: «My Friends, My Community. The benefits of inclusive environments for children of the present and the adults of tomorrow » .

The syndrome is a naturally occurring chromosome combination that has always been part of the human condition exists in all regions of the world and usually have variable effects on learning styles, physical characteristics or health.

Adequate access to health care, early intervention programs and inclusive education, as well as adequate research, are vital for the person’s growth and development.

The Spanish Federation of Down Syndrome has launched a viral campaign to raise awareness in society about the reality of people who have this difference. Coinciding with World Down Syndrome Day, a dozen TV channels are broadcast, a show that seeks to increase visibility and awareness of these people.

The campaign explains the idea of Sofia, a young girl with Down Syndrome who tries to surprise her grandfather after realizing that he misses his young friends. The girl is plotting a strategy and taking advantage of social networks to contact the grandchildren of her grandfather’s old companions and organize a surprise meeting for the elderly.

The federation highlights the will to shed light on the authentic way of being of people with this syndrome, great strangers among many segments of society. And from a very human story, to transfer the empathy that these people demonstrate with those around them, trying to do what they can to make them happy.

The entity takes advantage of the announcement, also available on the Internet, to highlight “the enormous degree of inclusion , respect and tolerance towards disability that Spanish children and young people have today”, as demonstrated by the complicity between the grandchildren of this story with Sofia. “Happiness does not understand chromosomes,” the federation adds, referring to trisomy, when cells have a chromosome 21 more generating this disability.

Down Spain has created a web version and a 30-second version to broadcast on TV, for which it has received the disinterested support of the main national and regional channels of the country.

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